Resonai offers enterprises an AR-AI concierge for commercial buildings

Though humans historically provided concierge services for commercial buildings, guiding visitors to their destinations and answering questions, artificial intelligence and computer vision have advanced to the stage where fully digital alternatives can offer the same or better guidance. So Resonai is targeting enterprises with today’s launch of Vera Concierge, an augmented reality system that replaces any commercial location’s human help desk with a fully mobile, personalized AI assistant.

Based on Resonai’s Vera platform, Concierge allows enterprises to provide personalized and location-aware guidance to customers and visitors inside any physical space. From the end user’s perspective, Concierge is a quick mobile app download that uses an augmented reality interface to provide live granular navigation guidance, contextually specific information, and individual assistance while walking through a commercial space. Users can also check in or register directly within the app, triggering notifications to relevant tenants.

The launch of Vera Concierge is significant for technical decision makers because it will enable enterprises to improve visitors’ access to commercial locations without the need for on-site, hourly human resources. Concierge will also offer enterprises a new stream of digital data for real-time analytics, leveraging the permissions granted for in-building navigational location services to analyze traffic flows and specific user behaviors, including product interactions.

All of the building’s digital details are controlled by the enterprise, which will have a facility manager digitally map the space and provide salient details for visitors. In addition to generating revenues through the results of data analytics, locations with retail or other customer-facing tenants can choose to monetize their new “digital real estate” via branding, sponsorships, and promotions.

Innovations in both computer vision and mobile computing have made Concierge possible. The app analyzes live video from the rear camera, segments it into a 3D understanding of the current space, then links location and positional data to the Vera platform to provide context-aware guidance in both 3D and 2D. Managers can access the platform via Vera Control, a desktop application that offers remote access to individual or multiple buildings while providing detailed 3D visualizations of spaces covered by Vera services.

Resonai’s video of Vera Concierge illustrates the platform’s performance within buildings, including how office building visitors can register to receive personalized guidance to appointments, see floating AR chevrons directing them through hallways to their destinations, and access an in-app system to report site maintenance problems. The platform is available to interested enterprises now.

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