Meta to Launch New VR Headset in October; Will Feature Eye, Facial Tracking: All Details

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Meta’s next virtual reality (VR) headset will launch in October, a company executive revealed on a podcast. The executive also said that more details about the new VR headset at Meta’s Connect conference. There will be a few “big features” that will arrive with the headset, the executive added. The headset will get the ability to track a wearer’s eyes and face in VR. The avatar in VR will emote based on the wearer’s facial expressions, the Meta executive added. The headset has been tipped earlier to be a part of ‘Project Cambria’.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO at Meta, formerly known as Facebook, revealed during The Joe Rogan Experience podcast that the company is going to launch its new VR headset in October this year. Zuckerberg also said during the podcast that more details about the new VR headset will be shared during the company’s Connect conference.

In the Joe Rogan’s podcast, Mark Zuckerberg said that Meta’s new VR headset will get a few “big features”. Further talking about the features, Zuckerberg said that the headset will get eye and facial tracking support. This will allow wearers to make eye contact in VR, according to Zuckerberg. The avatar will also track your face to imitate and emote a wearer’s facial expression in real time, he added. For example, if a user frowns or smiles, their avatars in VR will also imitate the same.

According to a report from January, Meta’s new VR headset is tipped to be a part of ‘Project Cambria’.

In July, Meta announced that it is raising the prices of the Meta Quest 2 VR headset from August. The 128GB variant of the Quest 2 has been priced at $399.99 (roughly Rs. 32,000), and the 256GB variant has been priced at $499.99 (roughly Rs. 40,000). The company also increased prices for some accessories and refurbished units.


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